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Mediation Guarantees Your Outcome in Divorce

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There is nothing worse than feeling out of control when facing separation or divorce. It's a reality today that many couples are facing. Those facing separation or divorce may feel like their world is spinning out of control. Everything in their world is changing-they may have to move, change jobs or even find a job and they are left wondering about their financial situation and most importantly, they are concerned about what will happen to their children. When everything seems bleak it is good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. "Mediation is a positive process which brings couples to the table for a frank and open discussion which helps set the basis for a positive, realistic pro-active plan which supports the needs of mom and dad and in particular, the children," says Mary Krauel, Owner/Senior Negotiator of Fairway Divorce Solutions in Mississauga.

Mediation is an alternative approach to arguing your separation or divorce case in court. "If people find themselves in the legal system, they are not in control over the process as they hand the reins to their divorce lawyers who navigate on their behalf between family lawyers and the courts," explains Mary. "A judge, lawyer or arbitrator may decide how much you pay, how assets are divided and dictate how much time you are allowed to spend with your kids. There are no guarantees about the outcome. This in itself also leaves people with the fear of not being in control of their own life. Not knowing the outcome or having a say in what the future holds for them and their children causes more stress and uncertainly and can even lead to depression."

It is time to take back control, says Mary, and mediation helps put couples back in the driver's seat of their destiny. At Fairway Divorce, Mary helps couples work through the mediation process by bringing two opposing parties to the table for a respectful and honest discussion about their needs. Couples work with Mary to formulate a realistic plan which represents core beliefs and values and helps preserve the family and the family's wealth. Mediation is a proven framework that is adapted to the needs of each couple. Mary honors decisions already made or agreements already reached and then builds on the work that the couple has already done.

"One size does not fit all when it comes to the mediation process and we must meet the budget and complexity of the client's circumstances," says Mary. "The key benefit of mediation is that it guarantees the outcome because the two parties choose the outcome. They make the decisions as I guide them through the various financial and parenting options and alternatives. When both parties have a say in the outcome, it is a win- win situation. It is not an imposed settlement as would be the case in court, where each party rolls the dice and takes their chances. In one hand you have the option of holding a lottery ticket and you may win, or you may not. In the other hand you have a guaranteed outcome-which would you choose?

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