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Carly D. Brown, Esq.
Family law mediation services for residents of Buffalo Northtowns and Surrounding Areas

Keep The Outcome In Your Control

Mediation is a legal process that helps families work together with a mediator to transition into their new situation. From divorce to stepparents to new parenting schedules, I can help your family members feel heard, instead of feeling pitted against each other.

Mediation with me is unique:

I am a board-certified mediator for the State of New York and an attorney. I navigate issues utilizing my legal skills and empathetic approach, including helping everyone learn to move forward as a family.  I can lead you through the entire process without needing to hire an additional outside legal firm to finalize agreements.

I Will Help You Find The Way Forward

The most important thing to know about mediation is that you can get through this. You do not need to have any outcome or process figured out. That is precisely what mediation was created for. You do not need to think about the demands you want from this legal process; we will talk through it, and I will help guide both parties forward.

I have experience working with clients who already started part of the legal process with another attorney. Often, they feel overwhelmed by the legal mess that has been created or frustrated with the process overall. I can help untangle even the most complicated circumstances.

I understand that family dynamics must change, but you still need to have a positive relationship with your children after the divorce is complete. I have a proven record of helping clients through this difficult time with dignity.

Choose Mediation Over Litigation

Divorce mediation saves you attorney fees and time, and it keeps the outcome of your case in your own hands. It is a robust option for your family law case in Erie County and surrounding counties of Niagara and Genesee.

My practice does not charge by the hour, so you will never receive a hefty bill just for speaking with me about your situation. Additionally, there is no upfront retainer fee. There is only ever a charge for the services provided.

From start to finish, I will be with your family every step of the way. With unbiased legal guidance and a counseling approach, I am confident there is a solution that is right for you.

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